Piscataquis County Commissioners

Duties of the County Commissioners

The Board of County Commissioners serves as the chief administrative body of the county. The statutes governing actions, duties, and responsibilities of the County Commissioners are laid out in Title 30A M.R.S.A. The County Commissioners have final authority over the operation of all county offices by elected or appointed county officials. The county promotes economic development by supporting the activities of the Piscataquis County Economic Development Council, http://www.pcedc.org/. The County Commissioners must act as a board and not on an individual basis in exercising this authority. (Title 30 A§102). The Board also serves as the municipal government of the unorganized territories within the county borders.

Piscataquis County is comprised of 93 unorganized townships (UTs), 16 organized townships, and two Plantations. The County Commissioners may provide services such as solid waste and fire protection to the unorganized townships. The county also maintains roads owned by the county within the UTs.

Piscataquis County has three County Commissioners who are elected for four-year terms. The Current County Commissioners are:

District 1:

Paul T. Davis ~ Elected November 2022. Term expires 12/31/2026.
36 Townhouse Road, Sangerville ME 04479
Phone: (207) 343-0258

District 1 includes the towns of Abbot, Blanchard Twp, Bowerbank, Guilford, Kingsbury Plt, Monson, Parkman, Sangerville, Shirley, Wellington and Willimantic.

District 2:

Andrew R. Torbett -- Elected November 2020.  Term expires 12/31/2024
107 Buck Road
Atkinson, ME  04426
Telephone: (207) 659-2368

District 2 includes the towns of Atkinson Twp, Dover-Foxcroft, Medford, Orneville Twp and Sebec.

District 3:

Wayne E. Erkkinen -- Re-elected November 2020. Term expires December 31, 2024.
Harford's Point Twp.
P.O. Box 436
Greenville Jct., Maine 04442 - 0436
Phone: (207) 280-0193 

District 3 includes the towns of Barnard Twp, Beaver Cove, Big Moose Twp, Brownville, Cove Point Twp, Ebeemee Twp, Elliottsville Twp, Frenchtown Twp, Greenville, Harford’s Point Twp, Katahdin Iron Works Twp, Kineo Twp, Lake View Plt, Lily Bay Twp, Milo, Moosehead Jct Twp, Shawtown Twp, Spencer Bay Twp, Williamsburg Twp and all other unorganized territories not otherwise listed.