District Attorney

The Piscataquis County Office of the District Attorney, located in the Piscataquis Shiretown of Dover-Foxcroft, is part of Prosecutorial District #5, which encompasses Piscataquis and Penobscot Counties. The office is situated at 159 East Main Street, Suite #11, in the Piscataquis Judicial Center. The Penobscot County Office of the District Attorney is located at the Penobscot County Courthouse, 97 Hammond Street, Bangor, Maine.

The District Attorney’s Office for Prosecutorial District #5 is comprised of the District Attorney, one Deputy District Attorney, several Assistant District Attorneys, and support staff. The District Attorney’s Office is responsible for the prosecution of criminal cases, civil violations, traffic infractions and juvenile cases in courts located in Newport, Bangor, Lincoln, Millinocket and Dover-Foxcroft. The District Attorney’s Office serves approximately 30 Law enforcement agencies throughout the two-county Prosecutorial District.

The District Attorney’s Office operates a program of victim assistance that is designed to provide information and support for victims and witnesses who become involved in the criminal justice system. The Victim Witness Coordinator is also responsible for collecting restitution for victims of crime.

The District Attorney’s office reviews all complaints for A, B, C, and D crimes, and some class E crimes before arraignment in an attempt to eliminate non-provable cases and cases that do not warrant further prosecution. A tremendous portion of the office’s resources, both clerical and legal, is devoted to screening cases and providing pre-trial discovery and investigation. From time to time the office provides training to law enforcement education programs.

The public is always welcome to attend court sessions to observe the judicial system at work.

Piscataquis County District Attorney’s Office

159 East Main Street, Suite 11
Dover-Foxcroft, Maine 04426
Phone: (207) 564-2181
Fax: (207) 564-6503

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