Registry of Deeds

The Registry of Deeds receives, records, and maintains an alphabetically indexed library of land records.  The hardcopy land record indexes begin in 1838 and the indexes of plans, plats, and surveys begin in the 1800's.  Surveys are referenced by the names of owners, the surveyor, and the town in which the land is located. The Register of Deeds is an elected position in Piscataquis County government and the term of office is four years. Office hours are 8:30am to 4pm, Monday – Friday.

Internet Access:

Click on Maine Registry of Deeds Association (statewide portal) and select Piscataquis County on the map.

The index and images go from January 1954 to present and may be viewed free.

Copy Fees

Each calendar year the first 500 pages per person* are free to download or print, then $.50 per page thereafter.

*person is defined as a person, corporation, partnership, or any other entity.

Once the 500 copies limit is reached:
Casual users enter credit card information each time they print.
Commercial users may elect to pay a monthly $50 subscription fee and enter a code to print.

Recording Fees:

  • $22.00 for the first page (which includes a $3.00 surcharge per document).
  • $2.00 for each additional page.
  • $1.00 per name beyond the original four.
  • $2.00 if page must be added for space for recording info by registry.
  • $13.00 per reference to recorded instrument beyond the first reference.
  • $5.00 per plan copy.
  • $1.00 per page land record photocopies (mailed or fax).
  • $24.00 per plan (which includes a $3.00 surcharge per plan). We require the original mylar and one paper copy. If we supply the paper copy the fee is $5.00.

We request that a self-addressed stamped envelope be included when documents are mailed, to facilitate the return of your document following recordation.

Maine requires that a Maine Transfer Tax Declaration Form be filed with most deeds. These forms are available at no charge through the registry or online from the Maine Revenue Services. These forms require a tax map and lot number which may be obtained by calling the town office where the land is located. Unorganized township information is available at the Maine Revenue Services at 207 287-2011.

Click here to access a Maine Transfer Tax Declaration Form

The registry staff will prepare photocopies of records to be faxed, mailed, or for pick-up. Having a book and page number enables our staff to more efficiently serve you. We need the name and approximate year of purchase (not map and lot number), if the book and page are unknown.

The registry has an engineering copier and is able to reproduce plans (36" wide maximum).

Please note: We do not do title searches, assist with document preparation, or give legal advice.


Piscataquis Registry of Deeds

159 E. Main St. Suite 10
Dover-Foxcroft, Maine 04426
Phone: (207) 564-2411
Fax: (207) 564-7708

Linda M. Smith, Register of Deeds