Complaint Log Complaint Log

Dec 8 ~ Dec 15, 2013

130824612/8/2013AMBULANCE CALLrequest the ambulance for a 65 year old male fell and can not get upSebec
 12/8/2013AMBULANCE CALL61 yom general weaknessBlanchard
130824812/8/2013911 HANGUP/MISTAKE911 call 911 cel phoneGuilford
130824912/8/2013TRANSFER-AMBULANCEamb requested for transfer to LewistonGreenville
130825012/8/2013THEFT/OTHERcaller is reporting some items taken from his freezer on his porch.Sangerville
130825112/8/2013Accident-PDreports a 2 car accident pd onlyMilo
130825212/8/2013Child Custodycaller requesting to speak with an officer reference custody issueBrownville
130825312/8/2013TRANSFER-AMBULANCEca dean requests a bls transfer to emmcGreenville
130825412/8/2013Req to speak with officerrequest to speak with a deputy reference land disputeSangerville
130825512/8/2013AMBULANCE CALL68 yof not feeling wellMilo
130825612/8/2013AMBULANCE CALLpenob req milo amb to bennoch rd for 53yof for a fallLagrange
130825712/8/2013AMBULANCE CALLrequest the ambulance for a 91 year old female fell but is not hurtAtkinson
130825812/8/2013AMBULANCE CALL74 yof blood in her stoolDover-Foxcroft
130825912/8/2013Erratic Drivercaller reporting an erratic driver 1099tjDover-Foxcroft
130826012/8/2013Erratic DriverWhite Chevy PU all over the road.Abbot
130826112/8/2013911 HANGUP/MISTAKEChild playing with phone.Wellington
130826212/8/2013LOUD MUSICcaller stated that her neighbor is playing music too loud and it woke up her kidsMilo
130826312/8/2013AMBULANCE CALL53 yom difficult breathingMilo
130826412/8/2013ALARMS Intrusion HOMEhome services calling about an intrusion alarmMilo
130826512/8/2013ALARMS Intrustion BUSINESSOffice motion.Greenville
130826612/9/2013AMBULANCE CALLmayo dispatched for 70 yo female chest painWillimantic
130826712/9/2013Exercise or Drillreport of a drill at the rip dam--contacted ema directorT3 R11
130826812/9/2013AMBULANCE CALLrequest a ambulance for a 67yo male--back painGreenville
130826912/9/2013AMBULANCE CALLambulance toned for 60 year old female with chest painGuilford
130827012/9/2013ASSISTRequest for assistance for keys locked in vehicleDover-Foxcroft
130827112/9/2013Accident-PDVehicle slid off road with minor bumper damageDover-Foxcroft
130827212/9/2013Warrant Arrestrequest a complaint number for a warrant arrestDover-Foxcroft
130827312/9/2013AMBULANCE CALL69 year old male not feeling wellLagrange
130827412/9/2013Vehicle off Roadreport of a vehicle off road, no injuriesGarland
130827512/9/2013Vehicle off Roadvehicle off road, no injuriesDover-Foxcroft
130827612/9/2013WIRES DOWNpleasant river lumber has a pole broke on their lot and wires danglingDover-Foxcroft
130827712/9/2013AMBULANCE CALL89 year old female difficulty breathingDover-Foxcroft
130827812/9/2013Accident- PD Car Deercaller stated he hit a deer, minimal damage to vehicle, but deer will need to be dispatchedGuilford
130827912/10/2013ALARMS Intrusion HOMEseacoast calling with home intrusion alarmBowerbank
130828012/10/2013Accident- PD Car Deercar deer, no damage no injuriesDover-Foxcroft
130828112/9/2013MISCHIEFreport of kids playing in the roadGreenville
130828212/7/2013Accident-PIreport of a pi accident chamberland lakeT7 R11
130828312/10/2013Accident-PIreport of a one vehicle pi accidentGreenville
130828412/10/2013AMBULANCE CALLmayo toned to guilford medical for 60 yo female dizzy, vertigo, diff breathingGuilford
130828512/10/2013AMBULANCE CALLrequest for the ambulance for a elderly femaleGuilford
130828612/10/2013AMBULANCE CALLmilo amb toned 60 yo female fell with elbow injuryBrownville
130828712/10/2013Warrant Arrestrequest a complaint for a arrestDover-Foxcroft
130828812/10/2013Fish and Game ComplaintCaller reports a pickup truck shot at a deer into the cornfield from his truckSangerville
130828912/10/2013Accident- PD Car DeerCaller reports hitting a deer vehicle damage onlyDover-Foxcroft
130829012/10/2013Req to speak with officerrequest to speak with officerMilo
130829112/10/2013Accident- PD Car Deercar deer 10-55Abbot
130829212/10/2013Alarms Firesimplex calling with an alarm indicating attention needed with sprinkler systemGreenville
130829312/11/2013DISTURBANCEcaller stated her neighbors are disturbing herMilo
130829412/11/2013AMBULANCE CALL74yof needs lift assistSebec
130829512/11/2013AMBULANCE CALLrequest the ambulance for a 37 year old female, has a cold and is having withdrawlsMilo
130829612/11/2013WELL BEING CHECKreports a couple and their dog living in m/vSangerville
130829712/11/2013Accident-PDreports she had an accident late last night in milo pd onlyMilo
130829812/11/2013DRIVING COMPLAINTreports light colored p/u, young male driver,driving irratically every day after school near carwashGuilford
130829912/11/2013AMBULANCE CALLMilo Family Practice request amb transport subject from 192 Bowerbank rd to mayo for eval and treatmentSebec
130830012/11/2013THEFT/BAD CHECKreports a bad checkSangerville
130830112/11/2013Req to speak with officerreports mother took son from fatherSangerville
130830212/11/2013911 HANGUP/MISTAKE911 call made a mistake all setDover-Foxcroft
130830312/11/2013SUSPICIOUS PERSON/VEHICLErequest to speak we 1103 reference male subjectSangerville
130830412/11/2013Accident-PIb-1 reports an accident on the bennoch road piLagrange
130830512/11/2013FIRE/SMOKE ALARMreports a fire alarm child pull alarm all ssetMilo
130830612/11/2013AMBULANCE CALLrequest the ambulance for male subject having problems breathingGreenville
130830712/11/2013AMBULANCE CALLrequest the ambulance to the school subject got hit with ball in the faceMilo
130830812/11/2013DELIVER A MESSAGEDeath notification.Milo
130830912/11/2013Remove subjectIntoxicated male out of control. Lost contact with caller before all information could be obtained.Greenville
130831112/11/2013MISSING PERSON18 y.o. did not return from school.Abbot
130831212/12/2013Accident- PD Car DeerDeer needs to be dispatched.Dover-Foxcroft
130831412/12/2013AMBULANCE CALL80 YOM SHORTNESS OF BREATHSangerville
130831612/12/2013Req to speak with officerTruant Grandaughter-requests to speak with officerParkman
130831712/12/2013POLICE INFORMATIONbangor pd reports male subject with an active 29 staying at this addressSangerville
130831812/12/2013Req to speak with officerrequest to speak with 1104Sangerville
130831912/12/2013Arrestcompliant number for an warrant arrestSangerville
130832012/12/2013AMBULANCE CALLed called to request the ambulance to this address male subject very weakGreenville
130832112/12/2013Req to speak with officerrequest to speak with a deputy reference buying a 4 wheelerGuilford
130832212/12/2013AMBULANCE CALLrequest the ambulance for a female in her 90's fell just needs help getting upAbbot
130832312/12/2013AMBULANCE CALLrequest the ambulance for a male in his 30's chest pains and is diabeticDover-Foxcroft
130832412/12/2013Req to speak with officerrequest to speak with a brownvillofficer he has no oilBrownville
130832512/12/2013911 HANGUP/MISTAKE911 mistake all setDover-Foxcroft
130832612/12/2013Erratic Driverreports a white car headed into dover riding on peoples bumperDover-Foxcroft
130832712/12/2013Req to speak with officercalledd 911 complaining about her electric bil and phone bill 10-43Milo
130832812/12/2013ALARMS Intrusion HOMEreports an alarm at this residence, on call back working on furnaceLakeview
130832912/12/2013AMBULANCE CALLprcc request a ambulance to 783 medford road lagrange piLagrange
130833012/12/2013TRANSFER-AMBULANCEREQUEST A PARMEDIC transfer crew to take a patient to emmcGreenville
130833112/12/2013PO servedrequest by 1106Abbot
130833212/12/2013HARRASSING PHONE CALLScall taken from penn rcc regarding harrassing telemarketers callsGuilford
130833312/12/2013ROAD COMPLAINTicy rdsMedford
130833412/12/2013AMBULANCE CALL37 yof back pain.Milo
130833512/12/2013Assist-Agencypen rcc request dfpd to try to locate owner of a vehicleDover-Foxcroft
130833612/12/2013911 HANGUP/MISTAKE Milo
130833712/12/2013MISSING PERSON14 yo son ran away.Dover-Foxcroft
130833812/12/2013ALARMS Intrusion HOMEPanic motion.Lakeview
130834012/13/2013ALARMS Intrusion HOMECellar motion.Milo
130834112/13/2013AMBULANCE CALL28 yo male subject has laceration on his handMilo
130834212/13/2013Req to speak with officerrequest to speak to a officer--civil vehicle matterAbbot
130834312/13/2013Remove subjectrequest to speak to a officer--wants to make sure subject doesn't returnSangerville
130834412/13/2013KEYS LOCKED IN VEHICLEreport of keys locked in a vehicleSangerville
130834512/13/2013AMBULANCE CALL98 yo female feeling dizzyMilo
130834612/13/2013Fire Chimneyreport of a chimney fireSebec
130834712/13/2013911 HANGUP/MISTAKEreceived a 911 missdialBrownville
130834812/13/2013AMBULANCE CALLElderly female not feeling wellDover-Foxcroft
130834912/13/2013911 HANGUP/MISTAKEreceived a 911 missdialGuilford
130835012/13/2013911 HANGUP/MISTAKEcaller stated he wanted to just kill someone after I verified the address and phone number caller stated never mind he will let us know when its done.Guilford
130835112/13/2013Fire Structurestructure fire 113 north streetDover-Foxcroft
130835212/13/2013Accident- PD Car Deercaller stated they hit a deer. No damage to vehicle but they would like to keep deer.Parkman
130835312/13/2013MISSING PERSONcaller stated his sister who is 64 was suppose to leave this morning to come to his house to visit. She has not shown up yet and he is concerned. Will send Milo PD to see if she is homeMilo
130835412/13/2013Req to speak with officercleaning crew locked out of businessMilo
130835512/13/2013AMBULANCE CALL62 yof fallen request an ambulanceGreenville
130835612/13/2013ROAD COMPLAINTdebris in roadDover-Foxcroft
130835712/13/2013AMBULANCE CALL60yof fallen, difficulty breathingMilo
130835812/13/2013Req to speak with officercaller stated she needs the police to come to her apt. She cannot talk for fear of other occupants may hear her calling 911. She states no alcohol or weapons involved.Dover-Foxcroft
130835912/13/2013DOMESTIC SITUATIONcaller reports facebook friend has been robbed and/or otherwise attackedOUT OF COUNTY
130836012/14/2013ALARMS Intrustion BUSINESSalarm, 136/137 doorsDover-Foxcroft
130836112/14/2013Alarms InstrusionSchoolseacoast security calling about an alarmGuilford
130836212/14/2013911 HANGUP/MISTAKEcaller stated he hit button by mistakeDover-Foxcroft
130836312/14/2013Burglary GarageCaller reports his garage was broken into as well as his wife's car during the nightSangerville
130836412/14/2013AMBULANCE CALLrequest a ambulance for a 80yo maleDover-Foxcroft
130836512/14/2013THEFT/OTHERCaller reports her debit card stolen and usedDover-Foxcroft
130836612/14/2013Unattended Deathreport of a unattended deathMonson
130836712/14/2013Req to speak with officerrequest a officer check out a strange noise coming from her apartmentMilo
130836812/14/2013AMBULANCE CALLrequest a ambulance for a 73yo female who fellMonson
130836912/14/2013Accident-PDvehicle backed into another vehicle pd onlyDover-Foxcroft
130837012/14/2013TRANSFER-AMBULANCErequest a patient transfer from emmc to deanGreenville
130837112/14/2013Fish and Game ComplaintCaller reports a deer stuck in the ice in the river by subwayDover-Foxcroft
130837212/14/2013FIRE/SMOKE ALARMreport of co2 detectors going offDover-Foxcroft
130837312/14/2013AMBULANCE CALLrequest a ambulance for a 80yo male who fellDover-Foxcroft
130837412/14/2013Accident- PD Car DeerCar deer with front end damage onlyMilo
130837512/14/2013AMBULANCE CALLrequest a ambulance for a 57yo femaleOrneville
130837612/14/2013PO Violationpossible po violation from prank phone callsSangerville
130837712/14/2013AMBULANCE CALLreq ambulance, then said they didn’t want oneAbbot
130837812/14/2013911 HANGUP/MISTAKEcallr stated she ment to dial 991 not 911Sebec
130837912/14/2013Req to speak with officercaller requesting escort to get kids from mothers houseGuilford
130838012/14/2013Req to speak with officercaller stated her snowmobile trailer was stolen from property in Barnard. She said it was a family member who has taken the trailer. She said that her and her husband borrowed money and the family member is trying to take the trailer for payment.Brownville
130838112/14/2013Accident- PD Car Deercaller stated he hit a deer, no damage deer is dead and he would like to keep deer.Guilford
130838212/14/2013ALARMS Intrustion BUSINESSinterior office door alarmGreenville
130838312/14/2013KEYS LOCKED IN VEHICLEkeys locked in vehicleMilo
130838412/15/2013Alarms Instrusion Schooloutside library motion alarmGuilford
130838612/15/2013DOMESTIC ASSAULTcaller stated her boyfriend punched her in the mouthGreenville
130838712/15/2013TRAFFICCaller reports a silver pickup truck near Rite Aid towing a person in a sledDover-Foxcroft
130838812/15/2013Accident -Vehicle off roadVehicle went off the roadBrownville
130838912/15/2013AMBULANCE CALLrequest a ambulance for a 73yo male trouble breathingDover-Foxcroft
130839012/15/2013SUSPICIOUS PERSON/VEHICLEpossibly intoxicated driver parked on blind hill across both traffic lanesBrownville
130839112/15/2013AMBULANCE CALL60yof chest painsParkman
130839212/15/2013SUSPICIOUS PERSON/VEHICLEcaller stated that a man was walking and he got really cold and knocked on their door to see if he could get warm, she is calling to see if an officer can give him a ride.Milo
130839312/15/2013Vehicle off Roadvehicle off road, driver possibly drunk, with a handgun, may be violentLittle Moose Twp

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