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County Commissioner meetings are typically held on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of the month at the Commissioners Chambers in Dover-Foxcroft, Maine. The meetings begin at 8:30am and continue until the agenda for the meeting has been addressed.

March 3, 2015

March 3, 2015
8:30 a.m.

  1. David Gray, Esq., presented the paper work from Camden National Bank for the County’s line of credit for the signatures of the County Commissioners, County Treasurer and other required signatures. The operating line of credit will be in the amount of $1,750,000.00 (One Million Seven Hundred Fifty Thousand Dollars) at an interest rate not to exceed 1.98% per annum on the unpaid outstanding principal balance of each advance. David Gray, Counsel for the County, submitted minutes for the Piscataquis County Commissioners to review for approval for the acceptance of the note. Commissioners Fred Trask and James White expressed reservations about signing the documents for the line of credit before the County has received the final audit report for the 2013 fiscal year, but Treasurer Johanna Greenfield said she has presented a draft audit report to the bank and noted Camden National is satisfied with the draft. The County's Attorney David Gray, incorporated in the minutes that were drafted for approval the Notice of final agreement – Borrower: County of Piscataquis and Lender: Camden National Bank. M: James White S: James Annis V: 3-0

  2. Piscataquis County Commissioners reviewed the minutes of their February 17, 2015 County Commissioners meeting. Prior to the approval of the minutes, County Commission Fred Trask requested the minutes be amended to state the funding for the architectural services for the preliminary schematic design for the new Piscataquis County Sheriff’s Dept, will be taken out of the Sheriff’s building capital account. This information is in regards to item #8 of said meeting. M: James White S: James Annis V: 3-0
  3. Piscataquis County Commissioners reviewed and approved the County expenditures in the amount of $98,715.69. M: James Annis S: James White V: 3-0
  4. Piscataquis County Commissioners reviewed and approved the Jail expenditures in the amount of $45,289.80. M: James White S: James Annis V: 3-0
  5. Piscataquis County Commissioners reviewed and approved the Unorganized Territory expenditures in the amount of $81,658.66. M: James Annis S: James White V: 3-0
  6. Piscataquis County Commissioners reviewed and approved the Payroll Warrant for January 29, 2015 in the amount of $124,761.13. M: James Annis S: James White V: 2-1 County Commissioner Fred Trask opposed.
  7. Piscataquis County Commissioners reviewed and approved the Employee Benefit Warrant in the amount of $61,722.27. M: James Annis S: James White V: 3-0
  8. Piscataquis County Commissioners discussed and approved a new liquor license for West Cove Lounge LLC. The lounge is now owned by Vic-Sam Holdings LLC, Patrick H. Bryan from Saco, Me. Prior to the meeting a notice of public hearing was placed in the local newspaper Moosehead Matters which gave the public the opportunity to appear and show cause why the application should not be approved. Sheriff John Goggin reviewed the application and stated everything was in good standing. M: Fred Trask S: James White V: 3-0
  9. Piscataquis County Commissioners discussed and approved the revised job descriptions for Administrative Assistant, Victim Witness Advocate and Clerk Specialist/Paralegal positions in the District Attorney's Office. M: James White S: James Annis V: 3-0
  10. Piscataquis County Commissioners discussed and approved reclassification of the Administrative Assistant position in the District Attorney's Office from pay grade F to G on the county's pay scale. M: James White S: James Annis V: 3-0
  11. Christopher Winstead, new executive director of PCEDC, introduced himself to the Piscataquis County Commissioners. Prior to accepting his new position as executive director, Christopher was employed by Bangor Savings Bank and Representative Mike Michaud. With his previous employments he brings with him a wealth of knowledge that will benefit Piscataquis County.
  12. Department Head:
    1. Interim County Manager, Thomas Lizotte
      • Interim County Manager Lizotte reported that the County had received a citizen petition on Feb. 17 requesting the county's intervention in a dispute over winter maintenance of the Lyford Road (Route 11) in Milo. Under state law, municipalities have an obligation to maintain town roads so that they are "safe and convenient" for travelers with motor vehicles. If a town fails to maintain the roads, three or more citizens may petition the county commissioners to order the town to maintain the road. The Commissioners, after giving notice, viewing the road in question and taking comments at a public hearing, can order the town to repair the road.

        The county has received a petition signed by three citizens, with supporting letters of complaint from seven other citizens, which details the poor winter maintenance on a mile-long stretch of the Lyford Road in Milo between the intersection of Route 16 and the Orneville township line. That petition was also presented to the Milo Board of Selectmen on Feb. 3. Lizotte said he talked with Abe Willinski of Orneville, who helped organize the petition, to understand dissatisfaction over plowing of the road. Lizotte also talked with Milo Town Manager David Maynard, who agreed that the Lyford Road complaints were justified, and who pledged to improve winter maintenance of the road.

        Lizotte inspected the Lyford Road on March 2 and found that the Town of Milo had improved plowing of the town way, an opinion supported by Commissioner Fred Trask. Lizotte recommended that in light of the town's positive response, that Commissioners should table action on the citizen petition, while continuing to monitor the road's condition until spring. Commissioners agreed, by consensus, to table any action on the petition at this time.

      • Lizotte reported that the vendor's quote from CMC Technology for Piscataquis County's new telephone system has been received. The Penobscot County Information Technology Department, which provides IT services for us, has recommended that Piscataquis develop a lease agreement for the phone system components rather than purchasing the system outright. Lizotte said Penobscot IT will be seeking financing proposals for a lease, and will present those to Piscataquis Commissioners this spring for their action.
      • Lizotte has been contacted by Marcia MacInnis, Maine's UT fiscal administrator and chair of the state's Commission on Municipal Deorganization, regarding the Town of Atkinson's ongoing efforts to deorganize. Many barriers must be cleared before Atkinson can receive legislative approval to deorganize and become a township in Piscataquis County's Unorganized Territories, and County Commissioners will continue to monitor that process as it unfolds.
    2. County Treasurer, Johanna Greenfield - expressed concern that the County has not received the County Audit.
    3. Finance Administrator, John Baiamonte - working on some older County accounts which will entail finding out how the accounts originated and how can the money be used now.
    4. Sheriff, John Goggin - did not attend
    5. EMA Director, Tom Capraro
      • Received an additional $32,600.00 in grant money from Homeland Security and he will have until August 31, 2015 to use it
      • Will be attending a River flow meeting March 5, 2015, this meeting is in regards to the possibility of spring flooding
      • April 25th EMA will be working at the River Race
      • May 5th EMA will be doing a tabletop exercise at Moosehead Marine Museum
    6. Probate Register, Donna Peterson - did not attend
    7. Deeds Register, Linda Smith - did not attend
    8. DA Administrative, Chris Almy - did not attend
    9. Head of Maintenance David Ronco - did not attend

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