County Jail

The Couty Jail falls under the direction of the Sheriff.  A Jail Administrator works with the Sheriff to ensure our jail is in line with the hundreds of regulations that apply to county jails.  We are licensed to hold 38 inmates, with a daily average of 25.  On most days, half of our inmates are being boarded here by the US Marshalls Service awaiting trial in the federal judicial system.  Our inmates can be here for any crime, as serious as murder or a much lesser offense, such as trespassing or OUI.  Our role is not to punish, but to hold them securely, safely and humanely while they are pending their day in court or completing a court ordered sentence.

Our 14 full-time and 5 part-time corrections officers are well trained and carry out the dual mission of public safety by keeping the jail secure, and meeting the needs of inmates.  We have a contract with Northern Light Hospital Mayo for our medical services, an agreement which works out very well for the jail.  Two very good cooks prepare the daily meals.  A part-time medications manager keeps the dispensing of the many prescriptions organized and timely.

Former Sheriffs Frank Murch and John Goggin shared a philosophy that continues:

  1. Inmates are treated with the inherent dignity and respect which flows from our humanity.
  2. An inmate has little to look forward to, we can at least provide a good, hot meal each day for them to enjoy.

County jails are not for long-term, sentenced inmates.  They are here awaiting trial or have been sentenced to less than 9 months.  However, while there isn’t opportunity to provide long-term services, we do provide a number of programs to help those who want to take part:

  • Medically Assisted Treatment for those with substance use disorder.
  • Mental health professional services.
  • Opportunities for GED and college course completion.
  • Assistance in transitioning from jail back to the community.
  • Bible studies, religious groups, AA, Rape Response Services, Partners for Peace and other interested persons and support groups.

FAQ about Corrections

Sex Offenders

Please refer to the Maine Sex Offenders registry by at or by clicking here.  

How to Set Up an Inmate Visit

Call the Piscataquis County Jail at (207) 564-9083 and request a scheduled visit. These requests should be called in on  Tuesday or Wednesday between the hours of 9 and 11am.

Rules for Inmate Personal Items

Because jail cells are small and because it is necessary to provide safety and security, we must limit the amount of personal belongings you may have in jail.

Rules for Visiting an Inmate

Revised 11/27/2005
Visiting rules have been developed to specify required conduct of inmates and visitors. Rules are an important means of maintaining facility security and order. All inmates must be familiar with all rules.

In an Emergency

If you have an emergency call 911!

Piscataquis County Sheriff's Office

52 Court Street
Dover-Foxcroft, ME 04426
(207) 564-3304