Rules for Inmate Personal Items

Because jail cells are small and because it is necessary to provide safety and security, we must limit the amount of personal belongings you may have in jail.

Therefore you may only have the below listed items:

  1. One (1) battery-operated radio, equipped with earphones or headset.
  2. Plastic comb or a small plastic hair brush, one (1) bar of soap, one (1) bottle shampoo (clear plastic container), one (1) bottle hair conditioner (clear plastic container), and one (1) toothbrush
  3. One (1) deck of playing cards
  4. Books/magazines/newspapers (limit: three (3) magazines, four (4) books, one (1) newspaper per inmate, in a cell at a given time.)
  5. Legal mail, stamps, paper. (A pen will be provided by the jail staff.)
  6. Personal mail and photos in a reasonable amount.
  7. Issued linen, bedding, and clothing.
  8. One (1) watch
  9. One (1) set of Rosary Beads<
  10. One (1) pair shoes/sneakers, three (3) sets of underwear, three (3) pairs of socks.

Photos, drawings, and letters will absolutely not be posted on dayroom walls, cell walls, or any other area in the jail.

Requests for “Grievances and Request” forms are available from Corrections staff. Requests for Medical Services and Programs are available from Corrections staff.

No hand delivered items will be accepted. Items must be mailed.


In an Emergency

If you have an emergency call 911!

Piscataquis County Sheriff's Office

52 Court Street
Dover-Foxcroft, ME 04426
(207) 564-3304