Sheriff in the Community

We believe the strength of the Sheriff’s Office lies in our community connections.  We live here, our kids go to school here, this is our home.  We encourage our officers to be active in their communities.  Whether coaching sports or joining a local organization, SO employees are involved in activities within their communities.

We work closely with local service providers, including Partners for Peace, Rape Response Services, our schools and our local towns.  We enjoy a good working relationship with the various fire departments and EMS services throughout our region. 

We provide security for the county fair each year, direct traffic at parades and events throughout the year, and are active on local committees serving our county.

Each patrol officer is trained in crisis intervention for those with mental health concerns.  Piscataquis County was the first rural jail in the nation to train our corrections officers in crisis intervention.  Working closely with our EMS services, officers are taught how to respond to people in the midst of mental or emotional crisis in ways that are compassionate, safe and to connect them with appropriate services.

In an Emergency

If you have an emergency call 911!

Piscataquis County Sheriff's Office

52 Court Street
Dover-Foxcroft, ME 04426
(207) 564-3304