Vehicle Registry

Vehicle Registration and Excise Tax collection for vehicle and boats:

Town of Brownville: Barnard, Ebeemee, Katahdin Iron Works, Williamsburg, T4R9 NWP, T7R9 NWP
Town of Millinocket: Ambejejus Lake, TAR10 WELS, T1 R10 WELS, T2R10 WELS, T1 R11 WELS, T2 R11 WELS (Rainbow Twp), T2 R9 WELS, T3 R9 WELS (Mt. Katahdin), T3 R11 WELS, T4 R13 WELS, T7 R11 WELS, T10 R15 WELS
Town of Milo: Orneville Twp.
Town of Monson: Blanchard Twp., Elliotsville Twp.
Town of Shirley: Big Moose Twp., Bowdoin College West Twp., Bowdoin College East Twp, Chesuncook Twp., Days Academy Grant, Frenchtown Twp., Harford’s Point, Island No. 25, Lily Bay Twp., Moosehead Jct. Twp., Northeast Carry Twp., T1 R12 WELS, T4R10 WELS, T6 R11 WELS, T7 R12 WELS T7 R14 WELS, T8 R11 WELS T9 R11 WELS
Town of Sebec: Atkinson Twp.